The Spark to Your Success


Actor Brice Hendriks
Actress Tess Mirani
Actress Judith Kotigaro
Screenwriter, director & editor Ilia ten Böhmer
Producer Adriaan Schuitemaker
D.O.P. Michael van Kraalingen
First A.C. Marcel Overwijn
First A.C. Aron Klaverboer
Gaffer Wiegert de Vries
Gaffer Christian van Marle
Best girl Tara Bisoen
Best boy Timo Eijskoot
First A.D. Ayu Lourenburg
Production Assistant Sabine Linz
Composer & Sound Designer Major Fifth
Voice Over Uni v Sol

The challenge for this commercial was that they wanted to have a humane feeling to their brand. As they’re a online domain marketplace (where a lot of the business is done through algorithms), so how can you give that such a company?  I formulated the slogan “The Spark to Your Success” on which I built the story of two entrepreneurs who we’re struggling to start their business. We wanted to make it as if it where a motivational video, in which it’s hard to start your own business. But that’s okay, because knows that and can help you ‘to kickstart your dream in the best way possible’.